What was trending at the biggest tech conference in Asia, RISE HK

RISE HK is without a doubt the best and the biggest annual tech event in Asia. RISE is different from any other tech events I attended in the past because all the keynotes are so topical, and it is very Asia-focused but at the same time it retains the right amount of international view.

Here are some of the things that happened during the 3-day event:

Sophia the Robot made an appearance again

Harold shared his thoughts on social media

Hollywood producers shared how they can make virtual humans real

500 Startups, SCMP, Abacus launched their China Internet Report

WeChat shared how their platform powers businesses in China

LINE Messenger CEO talked about their fintech strategy

Sinovation Ventures shared the findings from their AI thesis

Were you at RISE too? Did you see anything interesting? What was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know below!

Hope you like my sharing. Kathy xx

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