7 Not-to-be-missed Experiences in Bangkok

Bangkok has always been one of my favourite city getaway destinations because it is so vibrant and has a lot to offer. I have been there many times in the past and below are some of my favourite activities:

  1. Treat your tastebuds to a fine dining restaurant
  2. Cleanse your soul at a beautiful Thai temple
  3. Try out different spa parlours
  4. Visit Chinatown
  5. Bar hopping
  6. Mystery story time at the Jim Thompson House Museum
  7. Enjoy food at an elaborate Food Hall

Treat your tastebuds to a fine dining restaurant

Restaurants in Bangkok are trendy and relatively affordable- from cafes to fine dining restaurants, everyone can find something they like. What I love about the food scene here though, is the amount of creativity that is put into the interior design, and most importantly, the flavours of the food. My favourite restaurant in Bangkok is Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin– opened by Henrik Yde Andersen, its mother restaurant in Denmark is the only Thai restaurant in the world holding a Michelin star. Dining at Sra Bua is truly one of the best culinary experiences I have ever had, every single course is so authentically Thai yet full of surprises. If you have time and don’t mind spending more money on a meal, I definitely recommend this place!

You can check out the newest restaurant openings in Bangkok through BK Magazine.

Cleanse your soul at a beautiful Thai temple

There are so many beautiful temples in Bangkok so make sure you visit one during your stay! We visited Wat Arun, one of the most famous temples along the riverside of Bangkok. The colourful pagodas of the temple make the place really special, we love exploring the site and paying attention to the details and craftsmanship in every single corner. You can learn more about the history of Wat Arun here. The temple has gotten more and more popular recently, go there early to beat the crowds!

Try out different spa parlours

Over the five days we spent in Bangkok recently, we visited three different spas – from the main stream and affordable ones, Health Land and Asia Herb Association, to a very luxury experience at the Shangri-la Chi Spa. Each of the experiences were different, but all of them were unique and refreshing. I would recommend considering what your preferences are before making a booking, as this could affect any back-related conditions you have.

Visit Chinatown

Many people from Hong Kong love visiting the Chinatown in Bangkok because Thai Chinese food is quite unique. Personally, I think they are just alright, although I love the atmosphere and madness in Chinatown. The street food stalls and the vibrant street full of tuktuk and traffic jam make it a very unique experience.

Bar hopping

Thonglor is a famous area with lots of unique bars and speakeasies for cocktail lovers, many bars from the district are on my wishlist. However, I’ve never gone bar hopping there yet 😦 I have been to Soi Nana behind Chinatown for drinks though, it’s a very artsy and edgy street. The bar I like in particular is called TEP Bar- Culture Bar of Thailand: it’s tucked in a hidden corner of the street with a live band that plays pop and old songs with traditional Thai instruments. The atmosphere is great, the cocktails and snacks are amazing too!

Jim Thompson House Museum

Visiting the Jim Thompson House Museum will give you a lot of insights into the tragic yet interesting mystery of his disappearance, it feels like going through someone’s house to find traces of evidence. Jim Thompson is not only a fashion brand but the founder himself was one of the most famous American expats in Asia in the 1950s. He was an art collector and revolutionised the silk industry in Thailand. In 1967, he disappeared in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia during a holiday with his friends, his body was never found. Do drop by the museum if you want to know more about the story, it’s compulsory to join a tour in order to enter the house so don’t forget to check the timings before visiting! No photos are allowed to be taken inside of the museum though, which is such a shame!

Enjoy food at an elaborate Food Hall

Almost all shopping malls in Bangkok has a food court, and the interior design for some of them can be very elaborate! I have been to the ones at Central Embassy– cute and homey, EmQuartier– minimalist and modern, ICONSIAM– grand and extra (with an indoor river!). All the food halls serve a huge variety of Thai food, it is quite an interesting activity wandering inside of them! To be honest, I enjoy walking around the food halls more than shopping inside of the malls most of the time.

This is the end of my Bangkok blog, hope you enjoy it! Leave me a comment if you have other suggestions too!

Kathy xxx

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