Tokyo so far…

I have been in Tokyo for 5 weeks now, and here’s what I have been up to so far…

  1. Spending way too much time in Ginza, because I stay right next to it
    But this is also because Ginza has all the best food, and all the best shops!
  2. Took a few strolls around Omotesando, Cat Street, Harajuku, Shibuya
    These places are all interconnected, I have to say, I love Cat Street and the Adidas Original Shop there!
  3. Enjoyed the night life, but need a bit more!
    Really enjoyed drinking and the isakaya at Gonpachi in Roppongi, the infamous Kill Bill restaurant. Although our random nights in the bars near our client office and Tokyo station were also amazing, now I have learnt how to enjoy cold sake (no more hot sake)
  4. Immersed myself in cuteness
    There is a Character Street in the underground mall in Tokyo station, it’s full of all the cute characters you have met in Japanese anime! But I also love Kiddyland 😛
  5. Day trips to outside of Tokyo
    I have so far done one day trip to Kawaguchiko Lake near Mount Fuji, and another day trip to Nikko. They were well worth the early morning buses and trains!
  6. Early morning stroll in Tsukiji Fish Market
    My experience won’t be full if I don’t pay this place a visit, and it lived up to the expectation
  7. Sakura blossoms
    Lucky to have seen a few sakura trees around although it’s only early March, they are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see more
  8. Art exhibition- Kusama
    It is worth it, everything. I love the art and I felt like I went into her world the moment I walked into the exhibition
  9. Pigging out
    I have done…. numerous bowls of delicious udons and ramen, amazing tonkotsu, yakiniku, shabu shabu, top notch sushi omakase meal, unagi don at a cute local restaurant… and many more. Tokyo is really the best place for food.

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