Morocco 🇲🇦 – my best Airbnb travel experience

I have used Airbnb many times in my travels but one trip that has stayed with me throughout the years is the time I spent in Marrakech and Tangier, thanks entirely to the wonderful hospitality of my hosts.


We stayed in a beautiful riad inside of the medina in Marrakech. Our host Veronique was an artist, at that time working on her painting for the Venice Biennale, who would spend day and night working in the living room. It was so amazing to see such a big large painting under production! She also took us to her favourite spot to buy leather inside of the medina, telling us what to pick and which ones were her favourites.

When we asked her where we could get a Moroccan cooking class, she even organised one for us at her riad!

To top it off, a French continental breakfast with Moroccan tea was served for us every morning on the rooftop of the riad – the view of the busy medina with a backdrop of the snowy Atlas Mountains was out of this world…

Speaking of the Atlas Mountains, we did a hiking day trip there too! I highly recommend this to everyone!


Our host at Tangier took care of us so well that we added each other on Facebook afterwards. On our first day he gave us so many good suggestions on where to go inside of the medina and also recommended a unique seaside cafe which sat right opposite the coast of Spain. That evening, he suggested that we go to a seafood restaurant near our apartment because he knew the chefs there – we actually ended up eating together at the restaurant with him and his nephew, and the chefs gave us so many free dishes we went home with a food coma! That was such a memorable evening 🙂 We didn’t stay at Tangiers for a very long time, but I will never forget this experience and our host’s hospitality!

On Morocco

We went there during the winter a while back and the weather was perfect! Not too cold, and pretty warm during the day. I only wish that our trip was longer so that we could have also visited places such as Fes and Chefchaouen.

The medinas were absolutely chaotic, but in a way quite a fun experience! Everyone would try to sell you things in the super narrow alleyways with locals travelling inside of the medinas on motorbikes or scooters whilst other local traders would be transporting their goods using donkeys, not to mention the pungent smell of leather everywhere… And Google Maps did not work inside of the medinas, so we kept getting lost…

But I guess all these combined made for a really interesting experience, one I would definitely like to return to in the future!

Did you have an unforgettable Airbnb experience too? If so, where was it? Leave a comment and let me know!

Kathy xx

My Marrakech Riad Airbnb (I didn’t book the one in Tangier so I don’t have a record of it!) 


9 thoughts on “Morocco 🇲🇦 – my best Airbnb travel experience

  1. Hello =), My name is Kevin Cousaert and I am running a travel blog under the name of Happyandfreetobe…I really liked your article! Why don’t we connect to each other??? So we share our ideas, purpose & help each other to promote our passion. Enjoy your journey & love what you do =). Cheers, Kev

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  2. I am going to Marrakesh next year and I’m absolutely love this post! bookmarked!!! also I hope that we can become friends as I really love your style of writing

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